Billi Sahara

Boiling & Still filtered underbench drinking water unit, including temperature dispenser with integrated safety switch.



Lowest Energy Consumption
Superior insulation is critical to the sustainable performance of any integrated boiling system. The Billi Sahara utilises Billi’s unique high performance technology and insulation materials which operate at a level of efficiency which exceeds 50 times that of a traditional hot water tank. In addition, the Standby Mode will ensure after a set period of non-usage the unit will power down to prevent excess energy consumption.
Unique Eco-Intelligence™ Technology
The Billi Sahara incorporates Eco-Intelligence technology which is a self learning timer allowing the unit to only operate when required. The self learning timer monitors daily usage patterns and even recognises evening and weekend changes in routine to effectively minimise energy consumption.
Australia’s smallest underbench footprint
The Billi Sahara 310 model features the smallest physical dimensions of any unit available – 340mm high by 180mm wide by 360mm deep, this under bench unit is designed to maximise available space under the sink. The Sahara 320, 360, 3120 models also maintain the space saving feature, measuring 340mm high, 180mm wide and 460mm deep.
Unlimited Ambient
The Billi Sahara offers an endless flow of fresh, pure filtered water.
No cupboard ventilation required
The Billi Sahara Plus units do not require cupboard ventilation or a cooling fan.
Safety First
Billi’s SplashFree boiling water delivery means that the water flow is electronically varied, slowing momentarily to eliminate splashing as the water first enters the cup. All Billi dispensers are supplied standard with a safety switch.
Choice of Styles
Billi Eco & Quadra units are available with a choice of XL Levered, XT Touch & XR Remote dispenser styles in a range of finish options including Chrome, Matte Black, Matte White & Rose Gold.
Australian designed, manufactured and owned.

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310, 3120, 320, 360, PLUS 3120, PLUS 320, PLUS 360


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